5 Best Photo Editing Applications For Android Phones (2021)

Are you looking for the best photo editing apps for android phones? Then you are into the right place. Photography and editing are synonymous with each other. The smartphones and their camera lenses have been upgraded a lot.

From megapixels, the number of lenses, to the dimension of aperture, everything has been taken care of by these smartphone companies. Some smartphones have come up with a very new portrait mode, which makes your picture look like that of a DSLR photo.

However, there is still a section of people who want the pictures to be more clear and smooth. They feel that these photos taken from the smartphones look like some raw image which needs loads of editing.

Hence, here are some of the best photo editing apps for the android which will surely accomplish your motive of getting the DSLR pictures.

Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

In the beginning, it might be a bit confusing for the users to get acquainted with using the Lightroom Mobile app. But with time, it will become a work of finger snap for you when you edit your pictures.

While using the lightroom you will always see a small bar at the bottom which has settings that can be applied by tapping on it. Then you need to choose the category of tool which you wish to use for editing your photo.

PicsArt Photo Studio

This app is one of the very important photos editing apps for android since it is a complete package of editing tools.

You can say that inevitably that this application is the most chosen amongst the android users, because of the various tools, camera, and the collage maker incorporated in it.

You will be getting around a hundred free templates for making a collage, and numerous customizable brushed which can act as a great drawing tool.

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Being a millennial, you must be very well-acquainted with this amazing app. Prisma, since its launch had created a rage amongst the millennials due to the Picasso look it gave to the pictures. This app with the help of artificial intelligence processes the entire thing on the cloud.

The outcome that Prisma gives on completing the editing is an amazing one. Many applications tried imitating them, but none of them could do it better than Prisma.


This one is the most robust and secure photo editing app for android phones. You can download it for free and apart from this, there is no trouble with ads in it. Snapseed provides an enormous number of filters that can be more than enough for editing any image.

You can also get your hands on some of the most stylish text for adding to your image. Other than this, one can also add Bokeh to the image which transforms the image completely.


VSCO is the photo editing mobile application that is renowned for its amazing and distinctive filters. You will find various presets on VSCO, and not only this, but the app also suggests you some based on your pictures.

The app also offers modifications for exposure, cropping, contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, grain, skin tone, grain, and fade, etc. filters.

These were the top five of the best photo editing applications which are perfect for you to install in your android phones. We bet that they are going to help you make your picture look the best.

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