7 Cool Google Photos Features You Didn’t Know About

For many, Google Photos may seem like a handy image hosting service. However, what may you not know is how powerful it truly is. It can easily bridge the gap between image hosting, cloud storage, and image sharing service, giving a tough competition to other services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Flicker.

Now, you may be aware of how this service can be used to back up photos from both iOS and Android devices. You may also even know that it offers free unlimited storage when you select their high-quality setting. But what about its other features? Fret not!

This article is going to list down some really cool Google Photos features that you may have no idea about but is absolutely essential to know. So, let’s begin! 

1. Smart Organization 

Isn’t it a big hassle when you have to browse through a massive number of photos to find one that you want to view? Google recognized this problem! And as a result, they made sure to make the layout of Google Photos extremely simple and user-friendly.

They offered a streamlined view of the images which will let you sort the pictures by the months they were snapped. This means no more wasting time searching through your massive library for just an image! 

2. Label Your Photos 

This is a pretty useful feature offered by Google Photos. This tool allows you to label your images. What this means that you can add the name of a person who is in the photograph.

This way whenever you search the name, the tool would show you only those images that will have him/her in it. It will certainly save you time and effort from finding such images manually. 

3. Make A Movie

Yes, you read that right! Google Photos gives you the facility to make a movie of all the images that you clicked while you were at an event or during a vacation.

You can find this option by tapping the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner. You can use this feature to create a special movie which you can then send to your loved ones or friends to surprise them. 

4. Hide Your Images 

Usually, when you launch Google Photos, all of your images will appear. This is not a good idea though. Why? Well, simply because if someone is viewing your photo library then there will certainly be some images that you don’t want others to see. So, in such a case, you can consider hiding those images.

You can select as many pictures as you want and then hit the three-dot icon which you will be able to see on the upper corner. After that, select ‘Archive.’ Your images will now be hidden! 

5. Let’s You Know About the Subject

This is hands down one of the most impressive features of Google Photos. To know more about a subject in your image, simply open the picture, and then hit the Google Lens icon.

It will then examine the image and would give you details about whatever the subject is whether it is a person, restaurant, or location. This feature will work on every image! 

6. Apply Same Edits to Multiple Pictures 

Another cool feature that you must know about Google Photos is that you can copy your edits and apply them to as many images as you want.

The way it works is while editing an image, tap on the three-dot icon and select ‘More Options.’ Now hit ‘Copy Edits.’ After that, you can apply the edit to whichever image you like. 

7. Backup Photos from Different Apps

The auto-backup of Google Photos is a useful feature but it only backs up those images that are taken with the default camera app. So, what about the images that you take with other applications such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

Well, you can back them up as well! The way you can do this is to first open your Google Photos app. After that, hit the three-dot icon and select ‘Device Folders.’

This is where you will see different folders that will contain images from different apps. You can then choose which folder to include or exclude from the backup process. It’s that simple!


Google Photos is a useful tool that many people now use for its different useful features such as the ones mentioned above. One thing that you should keep in mind while using it is to make sure that you are connected to the internet.

After all, your images won’t back up if you are not connected to the internet. This is why I, after examining different Spectrum offers, opted for their internet service. It is working like a charm for me.

You can do your research and select the right ISP which you believe would deliver you a reliable connection. So, which one of these features do you think makes Google Photos stand out?

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