How to Fix E02 error in Canon Printer

If you are getting the E02 error while printing, then follow these steps to sort out the issues within a few minutes. Let us Explore all possible solutions that may help you fix Canon error e02

Use the clean paper for your printer

There are different types of paper that can be the reason to cause error E02. The printer will show the error E02 if the paper which is inserted is wrinkled, curled, or folded. To fix these problems, you simply have to try that paper to make a flat. Just keep it under any heavy object like a book press it for some time. If it gets flat then well and good, or else take another flat paper.

Sometimes, the paper gets some moisture due to unused which can cause issues in the printer. Even due to changes in seasons, the paper gets moist which is very bad for the Canon printers. To get this problem soluted, just keep the moist paper under the fan or the sunlight. It might remove the moist so that you can insert clean paper inside the printer to avoid error E02.

And always make sure you have inserted paper. It can cause an error when the printer is out of paper. find easy help if the canon printer not printing even after all the troubleshooting.

Use correct paper for your printer

Make sure the paper you have inserted in the printer will print. If you are inserted the paper wrongly in the tray, then it will fail to print. So, it is important to use the document in the manual on what kind of document can print on your printer.

If you failed to get the physical paper manual, you can try to visit the manufacturer’s website and can download the manual. For paper, it can affect both the size and type of paper. Like when you try to get into a grade paper which supports the canon printer will not work uniformly when you try to print different types of papers will cause problems during print.

Check whether the paper is installed correctly or not

To access the printing process smoothly, you must have positioned the paper correctly. If you are positioned the paper wrongly, then it will fail to print. Check the blades on each side inside the inbox are proper. The paper should not be set more inside, otherwise, it will refuse to print.

Make sure how many pages do printer support

You should make sure about the printer, that it will fail to read the pages when it has an excessive amount of pages inside, which it cannot handle. If you have more pages and if you think to insert all of them due to saving time, then you can cause this kind of error. So before inserting the papers carefully, make sure you get an idea about the papers.

Verify the manufacturer’s manual documentation to get a confirmation about how many papers you can insert inside the printer. After all, you can insert the number of papers that support the inbox. Better you try printing with a smaller amount of pages, to avoid such problems.

Keep cleaning feed rollers

While printing, you might feel sometimes that something is restricting the pages before entering the process of printing. So, to avoid this clogging you just need to clean up the inbox regularly. The main problems may cause by the input tray.

Regular cleaning may help you to prevent the problems of tools and even insects. It is very easy to clean the inbox, just follow these steps.

  • First of all, make sure that you have switched on your canon printer. Power your printer on even if it is kept in a sleeping mode to get into the cleaning process. A printer doesn’t have its screen in it, then you can press the power button to switch it on.
  • To get in the process of cleaning rollers, long-press the stop button on the canon printer and hold it until it flashes orange light seven times. It will not take more than 30 seconds of your time. When it completely flashes out seven times, then you can gently release the stop button. After all, the roller will start to rotate and the cleaning process will start on your printer.
  • Even you can clean it with a paper sheet. The process is similar to the below steps. If you want to clean the roller with the help of a paper sheet, then simply take an A4 size sheet or letter size paper and load it in a tray on the printer.
  • Same as above, hold the stop button for a while until it successfully flashes the orange light seven times in front of you. When the flash gets complete, release that stop button and your roller will get cleaned in a few seconds.
  • When the cleaning process ends, the printer will automatically eject the paper which you have inserted for cleaning will throw out from the output tray.

If you are cleaning the printer rollers with the help of a cloth, then make sure you use the soft cloth. Clean those rollers gently and smoothly. If it gets too much pressure then the printer has a chance to get damaged.

Get help from Canon Support

Anyways Error E02 is not so much difficult to solve, but even If any of these steps don’t help you and still it is showing the same error, then it could be a serious problem. if the printer is offline on windows 10 laptop then you might wanna check that setting first.

You can call on the helpline number of Canon and in a very short time, they can look into the problems and solve it. As Canon is a well-known brand company with electronic devices, their deep technical experts can help you with their services 24/7. They will quickly identify the problems and make them clear.


This way you can be free of printer is in error state trouble and print as many as you can without getting annoyed. These steps will help you always at the time of the clogging or in the cleaning process. It will not take more time to solve it but hardly 10 to 15 minutes of your time

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