11 Ways to Fix “The process com.android.phone has stopped”

Android’s performance is quite good, and it runs very smoothly. But that does not mean that android is impeccable. Sometimes, things get very vexatious when you are using Android. The one problem which often puts users into trouble is Android crashing. The most typical problem is, “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.”

This error message popup every time especially when you are placing or receiving calls. It won’t let you do anything on your mobile. Seriously, this is the worst experience of android.

Although Android is a very famous operating system around the globe. Google announced that there are currently 2.5 billion active Android devices. It is an impressive number of android users. Google is improving Android regularly and adding material design and look than ever before.

com.android.phone has stopped

com.android.phone has stopped error refers to the problem which is inside the system of your mobile phone. It’s a problem with the phone manager or phone application. If you are facing this problem, don’t worry. I have many solutions which will solve your problem very quickly.

Why com.android.phone has stopped error occurred?

Before we go on further process, you should know why do you get “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.” Basically, you can’t figure out the main reason behind this error. But I have mentioned some basic causes of this problem.

  1. Firmware update failed: If your smartphone’s firmware update process failed, then it might show you the process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly.
  2. Inbuilt Software or Technical flaw: It occurred when you do a buggy update. A buggy update can crash system UI or won’t let you perform any task on your mobile.
  3. Installed a New Custom ROM: Installing buggy custom ROMs is also the reason for getting process com.android.phone has stopped error. So choosing the best Custom ROMs is an excellent option to stay away from this kind of error.
  4. Less Storage and RAM Space: Android needs more RAM to run correctly compare to iOS. Less storage and less RAM space might disturb some functions to work correctly. Properly. So deleting unnecessary files can prevent you from getting this kind of errors.
  5. Build Up of Junk and Obsolete files: Junk stored in mobiles automatically when you are using your mobile. Cleaning junk can boost your device performance and prevent you from the android crashing problem.
  6. An obstacle of the third-party app: Some third-party apps malfunction the system. It might block some system function. In that case, we face problems as com.android.phone has stopped. A large number of apps installed, leading to slow down device performance.

 Fix “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”

  1. Restart Your Android Mobile
  2. Reinsert Your Sim Card
  3. Clear the Data of Phone App
  4. Clear System Cache
  5. Boot the android device into Safe mode
  6. Perform a Factory Reset
  7. Fix the error using dr.fone
  8. Contact Your Manufacturer
  9. Restore Stock ROM
  10. Change the Custom ROM

There are many tricks to solve this error, but I will give you the best working methods to fix “Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped working.”

These methods are tested on many Android devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, and Asus and it has successfully solved the error message on these smartphones.

Restart Your Android Mobile

the Process com.android.phone has stopped

Let’s take a look at our daily mobile usage. In most cases, when we close the apps, it doesn’t really close. It puts into a state where it can be quickly restarted faster.

We use a lot of application in a single day. This is how a lot of apps are open in memory, slowly eating battery and reduce performance. This is the reason for the battery drain problem.

Restarting your mobile phone is the first step to fix com.android.phone has stopped error. There are multiple reasons why you should restart your mobile phone for at least once a week, on its worthy cause prevent crashes, retaining memory, better battery life, stunning performance.

To restart your mobile phone, long-press the power button. Then click on restart. In unusual cases, unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped keeps popping up.

In this situation, you can’t do anything even restarting your device. To restart in this situation, hold the power key up-to 30 seconds. It will force restart your phone.

Reinsert Your Sim Card 

This method sounds quite easy, but the process com.android.phone has stopped message is directly linked to your phone application. Reinserting your sim card makes sense to assure that nothing is wrong with the mobile network connection of your sim card.

the process com.android.phone has stopped

Sim cards are providing some necessary information to connect to your mobile data. So sometimes it is possible that a minor or significant bug has caused your device to run into software issue. This can corrupt software applications.

First of all, Switch off your phone before removing your sim card. Sometimes, removing sim card during phone is powered on can damage your SD card. So make sure you turn off your phone.

Once you have withdrawn your sim card, reinsert it by pushing the tray into port and press to lock it. Now boot your mobile and check if the error message is yet arriving once connected to the network. If you still getting an error message, don’t worry. We haven’t quite finished yet.

Clear the Data of Phone App

Major app crashes problem can be resolved by resetting the cache and data of the app. Your phone dialer is system application. It means that there is no limitation to clear cache and data of the dialer app.

Clearing data of phone app does not erase your personal data. It only resets the app so it can run smoothly without any interruption.

the process com.android.phone has stopped

Clearing cache and data are pretty simple. All you need to is

  • Navigate to Settings app from your mobile phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps & notification.
  • Click on See all apps. It will show all the installed apps on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the three-dotted menu icon placed on the top-right edge of your mobile display.
  • Click on Show System. It will reveal all the system apps.
  • Now, scroll down until you see Phone or Dialer app. Click on it once you find it.
  • Go to the Storage section.
  • Click on Clear Storage and Clear Cache one by one.
  • Now go back to apps list and find Sim Toolkit.
  • Do the same process again with Sim Toolkit.
  • Reboot Your phone.

Note:- Above mentioned process might be different for you because of some device manufacturers(like Samsung and Huawei) does not provide stock android.

They provide custom UI. So you may find various options in Settings. And one more thing is different Android versions. In this case, you have to find this (above mentioned) options in your way.

Once your mobile has restarted. Check to view if you can place a call without receiving an error message. This is a reliable method for most users. But if you are still getting “the process com.android.phone has stopped,” we have more extra solutions to fix that.

Clear System Cache 

If you are still facing the random error message from your mobile phone, it might be time to break out some of the full resets.

In the above method, we have cleared a specific app’s cache and data. But in this method, we have to clear the entire phone’s cache data. It won’t delete any data from your phone.

This is a somewhat-technical procedure, So if you have performed it before, follow the steps correctly- the cache partition reserves all temporary data collected by the applications and system software on your phone.

This lets your phone to load application data quicker, but it can also occasionally turn a bit inappropriate and require a full clear to fix any crash issues with the phone.

Now switch off your phone. Once the device has switched off completely, you will have to try a combination of a button to boot into recovery mode in your android phone. There is no exact sequence to boot into recovery mode.

It is depended on your mobile manufacturers. However, I have listed some devices with their specific button key to boot into recovery.

Samsung Devices (Galaxy and other)

  • Press and hold the Power Button+Volume UP+Home button simultaneously until it restarts.
  • A Samsung logo will appear along with “Recovery booting.”
  • It might show “Installing System Updates.” Wait up to 30 seconds.
  • Recovery will Load.

LG Devices

  • Press and hold the Power Button+Volume Down key together.
  • When the LG logo will display, free the keys. Then immediately press the Power key and Volume Down key simultaneously until you see the Hard reset menu.
  • Use volume key to navigate and select Hard reset to open recovery menu.

HTC Devices

  • Go to Settings > Battery. Uncheck the Fastboot option.
  • Switch off your HTC.
  • Press and hold the  Volume Down and press the Power Button.
  • When a new menu looks on the screen, free the key.
  • Confirm Recovery option with Power key.

Nexus or Pixel Devices

  • Push the Power Button+Volume down together. You will see “Start” at the top of the screen.
  • Hold the Power button to start the recovery mode.
  • Google logo will be poped up. Please proceed to press and hold the Power key and the Volume up key for nearby three seconds, and then let run of the Volume up key, but keep holding Power.

Other Devices

Various Android devices have different key couples to enter boot loader or fast boot mode. Usually, holding “Volume down” key/”Volume up” key and “Power” key concurrently goes for most Android phones. If it doesn’t correct, you may need to seek another method in Google.

Now I am considering that you have learned to boot into recovery mode for your mobile phone. So we can do our next step to clear the cache partition. So you will want to have

  • Boot into recovery mode.
  • Navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” using volume keys in recovery mode.
  • Click on it using Power Button.
  • Click on “Yes” using the power button.
  • The phone will erase cache partition which will take a few seconds.
  • Reboot your phone and make sure that the error message has gone.

Boot android device into Safe mode

boot device in safe mode

The error “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” can be caused by faulty third-party apps. Booting into safe mode disables all third-party apps which you have installed on your phone.

So you can check that if the problem is in third-party apps or pre-installed apps. If you boot into safe mode successfully, then the problem is with your installed apps. So check your phone and uninstall recently installed apps.

To boot into safe mode, press and hold the power key until you get the restart menu. After that long press power off option. You will get confirmation dialogue box of reboot to safe mode. Click on OK, and the device will restart automatically.

Now check if the problem is with preinstalled apps or third-party apps. You can easily go back to normal mode by just reboot your phone again.

If you don’t find anything wrong with pre-installed apps, you have to check and uninstall unnecessary apps which you have installed recently.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you are still facing crash error, it might be time to factory reset your phone. Resetting will remove all the data (including installed apps) saved on your phone. Factory reset refresh software and make the device clean as it came from the manufacturer.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to take a full backup of your phone before doing this process in order to prevent data loss. However, it won’t delete any data from the SD card.

If you could not back up with your phone due to the irritating error message, try dr.fone software to take a full backup of your phone. With dr.phone, we can take full backup with minimal effort.

After backing up your device, it’s time to do a factory reset. There are two methods to do it.

Method 1. Using the Settings menu:

  • Go to Settings on your mobile from home.
  • Scroll down and go to System section and tap on Advanced.
  • Click on Reset section.Factory Reset
  • You may find three option of resetting different functions. Tap on Erase all data(factory reset).
  • Click on Reset Phone.
  • Now phone will automatically reset and boot it again with a fresh and clean look.

Method 2. Using the Recovery menu:

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Go to recovery mode using the Power button and volume up or volume down button simultaneously.

com.android.phone has stopped From recovery

  • Once you load recovery menu, scroll to the “Wipe data/Factory reset” using Volume buttons and click on it with the power button.
  • Navigate to “Yes.” Press the power key on the selected option.
  • After that reboot your phone and check if the error message has gone.

Now you have done a factory reset on your mobile. Restore your data on the phone from wherever you saved it.

Fix “com.android.phone has stopped” using Tenorshare ReiBoot


Software Image

RieBoot is the software available on windows for repairing the android system. With the help of this software, you can fix 50+ android system issues including App Crashing, Black Screen, Etc.

Also, you can optimize your phone by clearing the android system cache and with ReiBoot you can do it with a single click. In this app, you can enter and exit android fastboot mode with a single click.

How to Fix “com.android.phone has stopped” with Tenorshare ReiBoot?

  • First, download the Tenshare Reiboot software from its official website.
  • Next, install the software on your Windows desktop.
  • Once it installed open the Tensorshare Reiboot Software.
  • Now connect your smartphone to your computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • Next, there is an option for the repair so click on that option.
  • Here it will ask for some details about your mobile phone like company name, model number, and some other details.
  • In the next step, you have to get your smartphone on the download mode by booting it.
  • Finally, the software will download the required firmware for your phone and it can take some time depending on which mobile you are using.

And done! The app will fix your issue, we recommend you to go with the pro version of Tenorshare ReiBoot software to get all features of the app.

Fix “com.android.phone has stopped” using dr.fone

dr.Fone Image

dr.fone is a free software by Wondershare to fix any android issue related to system crash, recover deleted files, and many useful features. It can help you to get rid out of “com.android.phone has stopped.”

dr.fone has a higher success rate than other methods. It is 100% secure software that you can use with minimal effort. It doesn’t require any technical skill to run this software and supports various android versions.

The minimum requirements to install this software is:

  • CPU:- 1 GHz.(32 bit or 64 bit)
  • RAM:- 256 Mb or more (1024 Mb is recommended)
  • Hard disk space:- 200 Mb or more
  • Android v2.0 + (Max Android v9.0)
  • Supported Windows OS:- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Supported Mac OS:- Mac OS 10.8/10.9(Mavericks)/10.10(Yosemite)/10.11(El Capitan)/10.12(Sierra)/10.13(High Sierra)/10.14(Mojave)

How to Fix “com.android.phone has stopped” with dr.fone Software

  • Download dr.phone software from here.
  • Install the software in your desktop.
  • Open dr.fone.
  • Click on Repair in the main interface.
  • Now, connect your phone with your computer via cable.
  • Click on Android Repair.
  • You have to enter your device information like brand name, model, carrier, and country details after that type “000000” in the dialogue box to proceed further.
  • Now, Follow the Instructions to boot your mobile to download mode.
  • The software will download the firmware for your phone to resolve the problem. Wait until it downloads.
  • Once the download finished, the software will process automatically to resolve the problem.
  • Check if the problem is fixed or not.

Contact Your Manufacturer

the process com.android.phone has stopped

If you are still getting a random crash error message on your phone even after trying a factory reset, you should contact your cell provider. Sometimes, it’s not your fault for android crashes.

Manufacturer defect can also cause an error like com.android.phone has stopped, com.android.media has stopped, com.android.process.acore has stopped and much more.

Find the nearest mobile phone repair center. If your phone warranty is not void yet, it very preferable to contact your cell provider and ask them to help.

Once you submitted your phone to the manufacturer, they will fix all the problem you are facing even if the problem is in hardware or software.

If your warranty period has expired and tried above all methods but still facing error message, don’t throw your phone at the wall. There are still some methods left for you to get rid out from random crashes.

 Restore Stock ROM 

Have you installed buggy Custom ROM and tired of the system crashes? If yes, its time to restore original software on your phone. Stock ROM means the original software which is provided by your mobile manufacturer.

Installing Stock ROM is not quite easy. It required knowledge of rooting and flashing. So it is recommended to know all the things before we proceed.

There are two ways to install Stock ROM on your device. I recommend you to take a backup of your internal storage before restoring Stock ROM

Method 1. By Custom Recovery (TWRP or CWM) 

This method required to have a custom recovery installed on your phone. If you don’t know how to install a custom recovery, check it first and after continue this process.

TWRP Recovery

  • Find Flashable Stock Rom for your device on XDA
  • Boot into Custom Recovery (TWRP or CWM).
  • Tap on Wipe. Select System, Cache, Data, Internal Storage, Vendor. (Don’t select SD card)
  • Swipe the bottom bar to start wipe.
  • Once finished, go back to the home of custom Recovery.
  • Tap on Install. Navigate to the folder in which you have downloaded Stock ROM.
  • Click on It. Swipe right to begin the installation process.
  • Once the process finished, the phone will vibrate to alert that your installation process has completed.
  • Tap on Reboot. First boot may take the time up to 5-10 minutes.
  • Setup your Phone installation wizard and restore your data.

Method 2. By Flashing a Factory Image:

Factory image comes directly from the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers release their factory image. You can find and download that from their official sites, or you have may have to download from third-party websites. It depends on your manufacturers.


This process reverts your phone nearly to the state as it was in when you start your phone first time. Before we proceed further, you may need knowledge of using the ADB and fastboot with command lines.

After that, you are ready to flash a factory image on your device. Keep in mind that this process will erase all the data on your phone, so I suggest you take a full backup of your phone in order to prevent data loss.

  • First Download ADB and Fastboot tools from XDA and set up on your computer.
  • Download the Factory image and unzip at the desktop.
  • Connect your phone via USB cable to your computer.
  • Boot your phone into Fastboot mode.
  • Open ADB and Fastboot folder and launch the terminal by pressing the Shift button and Right-click on your computer.
  • In the command prompt, type flash-all.bat command (For windows) or flash-all.sh command (For Mac or Linux) and press enter.
  • Let the process finish.
  • Reboot your phone when it is finished.
  • Setup your phone.

Change the Custom ROM

Custom ROMs is very famous for its customization and unique look. But not all custom ROM comes with excellent stability. In the case of Custom ROMs, it’s not fixed that it will work perfectly for your phone. It might consist of bug that crash system UI or any application.Android phone image

Due to that reason, choosing the best custom ROM for your device is a bit tricky. Good ROM can boost your device performance and stability.

So if you are Custom ROM user and facing the problem “the process com.android.phone has stopped” and other system crashes problem, You can switch on another custom ROM which provides great performance and better stability with good battery backup.

How to Prevent “the process com.android.phone has stopped” error from occurring

If you have solved error “com.android.phone has stopped” with the above methods, you should know how to prevent this kind of system crash error from occurring.

However, there are many scenarios that cause “com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly” error, but we have some tips so you can prevent this kind of errors from happening.

  • Don’t install the unnecessary app.
  • Avoid downloading the application from third-party sites.
  • Restrict unnecessary permission of app, which requires the resources of the ‘dialer’ or ‘Phone application.’
  •  Close the applications when it is not needed, which are running in the background.

Final Verdict:

Having a random error message on your phone is very irritating, but every problem can be solved, especially on Android with standard troubleshoot techniques. But don’t break your mobile before trying our methods.

We have given all working methods above to solve com.android.phone has stopped error. If you have any working methods which we haven’t listed, let us know in the comment below. And also if you are facing any problem with these methods, comment below, we would be happy to solve your query.

3 thoughts on “11 Ways to Fix “The process com.android.phone has stopped””

  1. Could an sd card actually cause this error? I’m on my second phone (galaxy s20 plus) and have factory reset multiple times, re-adding apps one at a time. This time I removed my sd card to see if I go longer than 24 hours without receiving the message. So frustrating!

    • Same situation was occured with me after removing SD Card my cell phone did its work properly without receiving any Error Message .

  2. I have faced this kind of problem once. Go to settings from the notification bar and tap apps. You will find an option “Reset app preferences”. Tap on it. Then check your phone if the method work.


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