How Same Day ACH Can be Advantageous for Small Businesses

Small business owners constantly juggle their finances because of the ongoing need for access to cash. In fact, the number one complaint about payment processing has to do with the wait-time involved in funds actually hitting the owner’s bank account, particularly on weekends.

Some payment processing services can even take up to 2 days to transfer funds. Yet, it is vitally important for business owners to have continuous access to liquid assets to pay bills, cover payroll, or invest in business improvements.  

Thankfully, many business owners are finding that same-day ACH can be a  real advantage in better cash flow. And same day funding is merchant services benefit now available through US Processing Payments©

How Does ACH Work? 

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the network through which funds are electronically transferred between banks. ACH transfers are either automated or performed when a bank account owner requests funds to be moved from one bank to another. A few examples of ACH transactions  include the following: 

  • Receipt of payments from a credit card payment processing account to the business owner’s bank account 
  • Receipt of customer-initiated direct online payments 
  • Payments to vendors or employees 
  • Transfers between bank accounts owned by a single business owner. 

Customarily, payment process vendors have held funding for at least one day before issuing an ACH to a business owner’s bank account, longer when weekends are involved. However, some payment processing vendors now offer a variety of ACH funding solutions, including standard ACH  funding, next-day funding, and same-day funding.

The Benefits of Same Day ACH for Your Small Business 

The most obvious advantage of using same-day ACH is that a business gets paid more quickly, which gives owners that all-important access to cash. But let’s not overlook other advantages. 

For instance, there are cash flow advantages to using ACH for credits. With traditional ACH, the funds may be withdrawn from the business owner’s account up to three business days prior to those same funds being deposited into an employee or vendor account. Same-day ACH allows the business owner to keep those funds longer. 

Same day ACH may also be useful in avoiding late fees. For instance, if a  business owner neglected to make a payment, the same day ACH will allow him/her to process an emergency payment. In other cases, same day ACH  may also allow a business owner to negotiate better pricing with a vendor. 

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How to Get Same Day ACH Payments 

The number one goal of small business owners with respect to credit card payments is to get those funds as quickly as possible. US Processing  Payments© offers a variety of ACH solutions, including same day ACH with no limit on batch sizes. This means no holds, no delays, no hassle. 

Contact us online today, or call +1 888-788-2201 (M-F, 8:30am – 4:30am  Central). Our account managers will walk you through our ACH options.  Set up a new USProPay account, so you can start taking payments today.

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