Is Bluestacks Safe? Should You Trust It?

Is Bluestacks Safe? The most frequently asked question by Bluestacks users. Bluestacks is a very important software when you want to use android apps on your PC. However, it is mostly used to emulate an android game on PC.

It creates a virtual android device and allows you to run your favorite apps or games on your PC. It seems cool, right? But some people afraid to run Bluestacks on their PC.

If you are one of them, here are all questions you might have searched on the internet.

Technically, Bluestacks is completely safe and it doesn’t have any malware script. But if you have still doubt, stay tuned for a complete study on Bluestacks.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a free cross-platform Android emulator for Windows and Mac. Basically, Android emulators let you run android applications and games on your desktop.

More than 370 million users using Bluestacks to play their favorite android mobile game on PC. Qualcomm, AMD, Samsung, and Intel have developed the Bluestacks project.

Bluestacks interface

It seems like a virtual android device running on your Windows and Mac. If you want to use some popular android apps that are not available on windows pc or mac like Wyze App, MX Player, and Mematic, Bluestacks is really useful for that.

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Does Bluestacks Slowdown Your PC?

This is the most asked question by Bluestacks users. The fact is Bluestacks requires a minimum of 2 GB ram to run perfectly on your computer.

Although, some people install it anyway on the computer even their computer doesn’t meet the minimum criteria of Bluestacks blustacks safe?

So Bluestack slows down your computer performance for those users who have low-end specification devices.

If you have a high-end specification computer, you don’t need to worry about your computer performance but our main question is bluestacks safe?

It will run smoothly as well as other software runs. You might notice some performance slowdown if you leave it in the background.

Minimum system requirements of Windows PC for Bluestacks:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Higher
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Disk Space: 5GB
  • Up to date graphics drivers
  • Administration privileges

Minimum system requirements of Mac for Bluestacks:

  • Operating System: Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk Space: 4GB
  • Administration privileges
  • Up-to-date graphics from drivers from the vendor.

Does Bluestacks contain Malware?

We have tested Bluestacks installation files in various trusted antiviruses like McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, and Avast but we didn’t find any malware threat in Bluestacks. Bluestack doesn’t contain any malware script itself. It’s completely clean.

Although, some users claimes that their antivirus keeps showing threat on Bluestacks. It doesn’t mean that Bluestacks isn’t safe.

We have the real reason why antivirus keeps popping Bluestacks as a threat which we will discuss further. For now, if you have to get rid out from that annoying notification, follow these steps:

  1. Add Bluestacks as a trusted program in your antivirus trusted program list.
  2. Update your antivirus to the latest version.
  3. Update Bluestacks if you are in the lower version.

Bluestacks: A security threat or safe?

When you are installing Blustacks, it asks you to disable real-time protection(Windows 10) or any other third-party antivirus.

It seems risky, right? But don’t worry it doesn’t harm your computer in anyway. You can simply reenable your antivirus or real-time protection from settings.

Most antiviruses are monitors any attempts to change your home page, and either it will alert you or block the attempt.

So in this case, if the antivirus sees something that behaves like a ‘virus’, it will take action. Now let’s go deeper to the program installation process. When you are installing the program, it may do many different things like:

  • Writing program files into Windows folder
  • Writing Windows registry into Registry editor
  • Privileges of starting, stopping, and installing windows services
  • Auto-start on boot
  • Modifying files related to the program

These are the same activities a malware does. Some anti-malware isn’t completely accurate at telling the difference between malware or clean software.

If you install this type of software without disabling antivirus protection, you will get an unsuccessful installation so now the main question is bluestacks safe to use?

So most of the software recommends you to turn off (temporary) antivirus protection before installation to avoid any type of installation error.

Bluestacks is also doing the same procedure. So it’s totally safe to disable antivirus at installation time. But don’t forget to reenable it after a successful installation.

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Is Bluestacks legit?

Bluestacks runs a virtual android device on desktop OS. As you might know, android is an open-source operating system. So Bluestacks is completely legitimate.

However, Google charges for google play services but Bluestacks provides google play services without breaching any policies.

Keep in mind that using emulators such as Nintendo, Gameboy, and Gamecube are illegal. Nintendo emulators pirates system hardware ROM to run the game which is illegal. So stay away from this type of illegal emulators.

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What Bluestacks makes different from others?

As I above mentioned, Bluestacks has 370+ million downloads. Bluestacks brings many exclusive features including multitasking, stream directly on twitch and many more.

Bluestacks is 6x faster than Samsung Galaxy S9+ which they are claiming. The best thing is it’s regularly maintaining and updating bugfixes in order to provide a seamless experience.

Key features of Bluestacks

  • 1.5M+ android games and 500k+ flash games available
  • Multi-tasking features allow running a different or same game at the same time in multiple windows
  • Stream directly on twitch
  • Can use non-game apps

Verdict: Is Bluestacks safe?

We have checked Bluestacks in different aspects and didn’t find malware, spyware, and any type of crypto mining.

So my final answer for “Is Bluestacks safe?” is Yes! All Bluestacks security certificates are signed. Although here are some methods to use Blestack safely:

  • Download Bluestacks from the genuine website
  • Don’t run it on low-end devices using techniques that available on the internet.
  • In Bluestacks, install only trusted applications from the google play store.

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