Refrain from the Latest Windows 10 Update: Know Why & for Which Popular Laptop

Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems. And, Windows 10 is the latest variant of this Windows OS series.

Users who have deployed Windows on their systems must be aware of regular Windows updates for better performance and user compatibility.

But, this time the Windows 10 update has gone wrong for countless Windows-based laptops. Users are claiming to face printer error, blue screen of death issues, every now and then. 

The bugs are inside the latest Windows 10 update patches. It all started in May 2020 and it seems that it hasn’t been cured still now.

Because recently the Lenovo authority has mentioned that numerous Lenovo laptops are facing BSOD issues after installing the latest windows 10 2004 update. Let’s get into details.

Who are the Sufferers due to faulty Windows 10 Updates?

Controversies are making it hard to decide whether to get the Windows 10 updates this year. In the month of May, almost every top-notch printer in the world experienced a compatibility issue with Windows 10 computers.

Afterward, Microsoft investigated the update and fixed the issue with a different patch update.

Now, Lenovo has claimed on its official page that Lenovo devices also show the BSOD, after installing the update dated August 2020 for Windows 10 2004 version.

However, different Lenovo laptops show diverse symptoms such as BSOD while booting up, initiating Windows Defender scanning, etc. 

But, this list doesn’t end here. Users couldn’t unlock laptops by face-ID, encountered issues in Device Manager and it extends up to the IR camera and Intel Management Engine.

Mostly, Lenovo laptops such as Vantage and Thinkpad are getting affected by the Windows 10 latest update. Lenovo users uploading their sufferings over different social media and digital platforms. 

However, Lenovo has stated a solution if you are facing BSOD on your Lenovo laptops. You have to deactivate the Enhanced Windows Biometric Security option.

This is available under the BIOS setup of the device. You can fetch the option from the ‘Security and Virtualization’ tabs. 

So, if you have a Lenovo laptop then don’t go with the latest Windows 10 update. Wait until Microsoft announces any cure for the chaotic update of the Windows 10 2004 version. Or, you can avail laptop repair Dubai to get an instant fix.

Biggest Windows 10 Update Issues this Year

Apart from the Lenovo incompatibility issues of Windows 10 updates, here we have mentioned all the update menaces. If you are encountering one of these symptoms then you can identify the patch which is responsible for the computer problems.


This is the latest update patch of August 2020 and this is the one which has affected mostly Lenovo computers. Lenovo computers are encountering a blue screen of death, a green screen of death, and bug-fixing notifications.

The later one is rarer than the other two but causing more panic among the users. 

A green screen of death is somewhat similar to the blue one. But, these two are not harmful rather time-consuming, especially when users are busy with important tasks on their computers.

Microsoft hasn’t yet launched any fix to this update; so, Lenovo users have to wait or change the settings as mentioned above. 

Update Patches of May 2020 for Windows 10 2004 Version

Without the internet connection, you can’t connect to the web. This is what happened to windows-enabled computers after installing the May 2020 update for Windows 10.

Users have faced ‘No internet’ notification even when they tried authenticated internet connections. The issue remained the same for wired and wireless internet connections.

Even Cortana, Microsoft Store stopped responding due to this error. However, Microsoft resolved the issue with a bug-fixing update. 

Blocked Way to May 2020 Update

Generally, Windows 10 updates get installed automatically. Users who have turned off the Automatic option have to kick-start it manually.

While initiating the manual update, thousands of users found the way blocked. However, all users were capable of installing that particular update until the end of July 2020. 


After installing this patch from Windows 10 update sets, users faced printer issues. And, Brother, Canon, Ricoh, HP, and other printers couldn’t print after connecting to Windows 10 computers.

Microsoft stated that this was due to the conflict with the PCL5 driver installed in the patch for the printers. Additionally, the authority claimed that the issue generally arises for the USB-connected printers. But, Microsoft released printer compatible patches to resolve the issue.


This update invited troubles for Windows 10 version 1909 and 1903. However, the update was meant for enhancing the performance and stability of the Windows 10 devices.

Whereas, now it initiates BSOD, weird fonts, audio distortion, flickering screen, etc. The scenario worsened with days. The only way to relieve the Windows device from such circumstances is to uninstall the updates.

Possible Ways to Solve Windows 10 Update Issues

For most of the globally acknowledged Windows 10 update troubles, Microsoft launches update fixers. But, if you are still suffering due to the current Microsoft 10 update, then you can uninstall the update. Here’s what you need to follow in order to uninstall the update.

  1. Explore Settings on your device.
  2. Go to the option named Update & Security.
  3. Click the View Update History option.
  4. Opt for Uninstall Updates.

You can observe various update patches and look for the one that is behind the glitches. Most probably, the latest ones are causing the mishap. Simply, uninstall them for seamless performance on your Windows-empowered device.

Alternative Method 

Microsoft enabled an option that facilitates a ten-day rollback mechanism, to go back to the previous update. To do so, you have to fetch the ‘Update & Security’ tab under Settings. Opt for Recovery and choose the option of going back to an earlier build. And, you are done.


You can uninstall or roll back the Windows 10 updates if they are annoying you. Otherwise, you can wait for Microsoft to launch bug-free updates. Lenovo users should not download Windows 10 updates owing to the ongoing update issues. Furthermore, avail laptop repair Dubai services to fix any other glitch on your laptops.

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