The 15 Best Plex Alternatives You Must Try in 2021

Plex Alternative – Now, People are consuming Multimedia content more than ever before, and the trend continues to thrive with each day that passes. And that’s why here we share best 15 plex alternatives.

Which has enabled the necessity of media server software to find a solution that can link up the media files stored in the computer system to the home theater system or various mobile devices in your house.

Talking of media server software, “Plex” stands out as the fittest choice. The Plex is available on Windows, OS X, Linux and along with several NAS devices like ReadyNAS or Synology.

Here, Check out the list of 15 best plex alternative Media Server available in 2020. Also before we cover textsheet alternatives make sure you check it out.

What is ‘Plex’?

Plex Media Server is a top-rated media server software that serves as a single collection of all your multimedia files.

Plex is equipped with the capacity to play a wide scope of media records as well as online streaming portals including Netflix, YouTube, Sling TV, Hulu, HBO Now, and many others.

It additionally enables you to stream your live programs, games, and music documents through Plex.

The software comes with an interactive interface that helps you to sort and organize all your media, and it even helps you to share their media with other users.

The Plex portable app lets you stream music and video to your cell phone over WiFi remotely. And, you can also use your phone as a remote for your home theater system.

The parental control feature helps you to protect your kids from overusing the Plex.

Why do you need to look out for Plex Alternatives?

The problem with the Plex is that mobile apps aren’t free, and the basic free version is weakened.

You will need to purchase the premium subscription to unlock all the features like live TV, photo albums, cloud plugins, automatic photo-tagging, DVR, lyrics for music, premium music, multiple users, parental controls (which allows you to control what type of content your children access).

Furthermore, in the event that you are an enthusiastic mixed media client, Plex may can’t address your issues without the paid subscription or until you discover Plex alternative offering propelled highlights at a similar expense as Plex.

So let’s have a glimpse at some of the best Plex alternatives available for streaming media files more efficiently to multiple platforms.

NOTE: Geo-restrictions apply on streaming of standard channels on Plex. Confiding on where you are, that could be either disapproved of or downright illegal. To unblock many channels in your area, a VPN will let you bypass the geo-restrictions from anyplace in the world right away.

Best Plex Alternative Media Servers in 2020:

  1. Emby
  2. KODI
  3. Universal Media Server
  4. JRIver Media Center
  5. Serviio
  6. Mezzmo
  7. MediaPortal
  8. TVersity
  9. Windows Media Services
  10. Stremio
  11. Ampache
  12. MediaTomb
  13. Infuse
  14. Subsonic
  15. Streama


Plex alternatives - Emby

Emby is the most efficient and one of the oldest alternatives to Plex. The Emby is mostly eminence free application (GNU-GPL), which has been supported by Emby LLC since 2015.

The Emby brings an easy-to-use, Simplistic interface to store your media files like photos, audios, and videos together.

Here, The Emby offers Real-time file conversion functionality so you can seamlessly stream the media files from your desktops directly to other devices.

The open-source media server can manage all your media to enable streaming and allow you to download metadata and artwork from reputable sources such as,, and many others.

The auto-organization feature can smartly organize your media in the right order, so you spend more time having fun and less time striving. And here, you can even share your data and invite your friends to access the same data on your mobile phone.

Key-features of Emby:

  • Parental control
  • Flawless cloud-syncing
  • Auto-organization functionality
  • Real-time file conversion
  • Sturdy mobile Sync
  • Easy DLNA
  • Alexa support
  • Data protection features


Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Linux devices, as well as for smart TVs and consoles (Samsung, Sony, LG, PS4, Xbox One), NAS and docker platforms.


  • Free with Limited options
  • Emby Premiere starts at ($4.99/month) | ($54/ One Year) | ($119/One-time)

Jio TV

Jio TV was launched back in 2019 and till now this app has more than 100 million+ downloads on the play store.

The Jio TV will convey the element of playing and seeing videos, songs, podcasts, and additional digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.

The foremost functionality of the Jio TV pc app is that if you want to play a movie located on your phone at your theater, then you have to install this app, and then you can watch the film in your home theater.

This feature operates amazingly well when your phone is at a distance of 10 feet apart from your home theater, and it works on nearly all hardware platforms.

Jio TV supports over a thousand official Add-Ons. This brings out the enhanced functionality and provides you some cool customization, Gameplay fun utility, Weather info, the Image decoder, and much more to have more control over the media.

Key features of Jio TV: 

  • 10-foot user-interface
  • Complete customization
  • Awesome file organization
  • Ultimate Add-Ons support


Windows operating systems, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and many others.


Universal Media Server

Plex universal media server

Universal Media Server is a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) supporting an open-source program multimedia platform. The alternative brings a dominant trans coder and has the support for a lot of media formats.

The UMS also plays the role as a multi-platform base so you can stream music, videos, and images can stream easily on significant devices like PS4, Xbox 360, iPhone, Android devices, and many smart TVs.

Plex alternative has the prominent developer support, and also the software gets updated on regular bases from time to time.

The UMS also has an optional web browser interface and is extensible among plugins to combine a link to SoundCloud.

Key Features of Universal Media Server: 

  • Platform independent
  • Broad device support
  • Optional web interface
  • Compatible with DLNA devices
  • Powerful trans coder
  • Supports all file formats


Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS Devices, smart TVs and consoles


JRIver Media Center

JRiver Media Center

JRIver Media Center is a full multimedia solution platform for all multimedia which can help arrange all kinds of media content and play it on each digital device or operating system.

The JMC will help you to keep your music/videos in sync with your specific demand so that you won’t get any difficulty while searching for any file.

Plex alternative offers inbuilt editing tools to build your own media center to organize media files stylishly as per your choice.

DLNA supporting JMC gives you a chance to stream your video on all the noteworthy gadget, including cell phones, tablets, and PCs.

Key features of JRIver Media Center: 

  • Supports P2P, DLNA, and DRM
  • Essential safeguard to your files
  • Inbuilt editing tool
  • Simple interface


Windows, macOS, and Linux




Serviio is another alternative option for Plex, equipped for gushing music, recordings, and even picture to sustained gadgets, for example, TVs, Bluray player, games support and cell phones.

By just installing Serviio application, you can add the media content form your system or online that you want to stream in Serviio Console.

First, create a server using the Serviio application and then locate your files using that server. The support of the smart virtual assistant Alexa skills is also present here to stream media smartly.

To allow remote access from browsers first set up the password in the application. Then you can obtain all the media from Serviio’s Media browser localhost using the password. Here, the streaming is just available for DLNA devices connected via the same network.

With the free version of the app won’t allow you to obtain content from anyplace, but can upgrade to the premium version to get the limitless experience.

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Key features of Serviio: 

  • Transcoded in real-time
  • Streams content from online sources (PAID)
  • Supports most known playlist formats
  • Offers Alexa Skill
  • Supports most known playlist formats


Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS Devices, games consoles, and TV sets.




DLNA based, Mezzmo is also a brilliant alternative to Plex for streaming media of all format. The Mezzmo supports streaming of media files to the home-based DLNA and UPnP devices.

Plex alternative runs with all conventional devices, including TVs, Blu-ray players, home theater systems, games consoles, set-top boxes, tablets, media players, smartphones and Google chrome cast and it exceedingly configurable.

When you install the program, it consequently sorts out every one of the films, video cuts, music, photos, and stored and stored subtitles saved on the system. Mezzmo trans codes the media content in the specific time to verify ideal spilling quality.

The Mezzmo offers Multi-user capability so that you can access the media collection concurrently with multiple devices at whatever time. Besides streaming online movies and TV shows, Mezzmo is capable of dealing with film, HD videos, photos, 3D video to stream local files stored on the device itself.

Key features of Mezzmo: 

  • Multiple-user capability
  • Android app with its own media server
  • Great-looking artwork and metadata


Windows, macOS, Android, Web, and Roku.


  • Free with limited options
  • Mezzmo premium starts at ($29.95 for Windows) ($14.97 for web) ($3.0 for Android)


plex alternatives media portal

MediaPortal is another open-source GPL-licensed open-source Plex alternative that transforms your PC into a full media solution by rolling on the underlying hardware, connects right to your TV and showcases your TV Series, Movies, Photos, and Music in a much more strenuously.

MP will also allow you to stream content from your mobile phone on your TV while simultaneously it will also allow you to watch, record live TV and offers the ability to organize your media files through an intuitive user interface.

Apart from watching, scheduling and recording live TV, the alternative allows you to play videos, movies, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, music and radio, pictures, home videos or slideshow, stream media, radio, and TV to any HTPC/PC connected to your network, use a remote to control your HTPC and much more.

Community collaboration for skins and plugins development, Which helps you to manage your files and also useful customization.

Key Features of Media Portal:

  • Provides various media organizing tools
  • Plugin support
  • Access content locally
  • Schedule and record live TV


Windows, Android, and Web



Plex alternative - TVersity

DLNA based another alternative, TVersity is a freemium media server to stream the multimedia data from the PC to DLNA, cell phones, and UPnP gadgets.

TVersity automatically arranges your music, movies, and photos, ensuring that your collection always remains up to date and well organized.

The alternative also allows you to access your internet content uploaded to websites like Picasa, Flickr, or YouTube or view web pages with Flash videos. Here, you can also use plugins for seamless integration with external media sources like Soundcloud.

TVersity was also the explorer of the real-time trans coding with that you will be able to play almost any content on any supported devices. The alternative also offers Command-line tools to serve you to automate your tasks.

Key Features of TVersity:

  • Command-line tools
  • On-the-fly transcoding
  • Automatically indexes your files
  • Access your media remotely


Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox, Roku, Chrome cast and more


Windows Media Services

windows media services

Windows Media Services is a media streaming service by Microsoft that supports control just as the age of media documents. Based on usage, you can smoothly generate streaming media and manage your data with useful tools.

Not at all like Plex and numerous other media server applications, here all the support of Windows Media Services is limited to the MP3 and JPEG arranges as it were.

Aside from compatibility, Windows Media Services includes a spotless looking and simple to-utilize UI.

The WMS doesn’t come pre-installed with Windows so that you will need to download it manually to get started.

Key Features of Windows Media Services:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Support for Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3 formats
  • Clean looking UI






Stremio is yet another reliable alternative to Plex which comes under one-source licensing. The software brings easy-to-use and straightforward UI. Here, you have to install the Stremio application on your desktop and sign up in it.

Once logged will display all the local files, song, and video on the dashboard of the application. You can also attach other local files in the library that you want to obtain from different devices.

What’s more, It likewise accompanies integrated video-on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Inbuilt calendar function lets you keep track of new episode releases or much-anticipated films and seasons.

There are unique additional items that require a paid membership, which enables content from various suppliers to be gotten to with the Stremio interface.

Key Features Stremio:

  • Video-on-demand services
  • Useful calendar function
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Clean and minimal UI


Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.



plex alternative - ampache

Ampache is another excellent open-source alternative to on the list which will allow you to stream your music and audios and also works like the file manager.

The Ampache will enable you to save your songs on the web and then access them from other desktop browsers.

First, you need to add all the music files to the desktop application manager, and then you have to create a server so, that it can be accessed from a browser in needed times. Ampache will run on any platform that holds PHP.

The alternative offers you the productive HTML5 player to give you a chance to stream music straightforwardly on the web.

What’s more, with the compatible client, you will have the option to tune in to your music on smartphones or the PCs or tablet as well as on the TV set.

Key Features of Ampache:

  • Local play feature
  • Clean and easy-to-use UI
  • HTML 5 player support
  • Music organizing tools support


All the major OS




MediaTomb is a free open-source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a neat and clean web user interface.

The MT draws out the usefulness to stream computerized media through the home system and watch it on various UPnP compatible devices.

MediaTomb carries out the UPnP MediaServer V 1.0 specification. The current implementation places parts that are needed by the specification and MediaTomb should operate with any UPnP compliant MediaRenderer.

Key Features of Ampache: 

  • Simple and interactive UI
  • Home network functionality


Ubuntu (Mainly Linux)




As someone who always appreciates more flexibility, ‘Infuse’ has stood up to my high expectations. The app allows you to stream media content without synchronizing cables to transfer videos.

You can import videos directly from AirDrop, iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other platforms.

The Infuse carry out multi-lingual movies so that you won’t have difficulty in watching them over your home theaters. The alternative also supports all the major file formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, and so many.

Infuse brings out a superb media server to the table. It will be helpful whenever you see a video or movie you will get subtitle support along with it.

And it automatically downloads metadata and artwork for your films and TV shows in moments, and everything will be smartly arranged within categories.

Key Features of Infuse: 

  • Extreme clean UI
  • Direct video import support
  • Includes multi-lingual movies
  • Native Plex access & Drag and drop transfers


Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Linux.


  • Free with limited options
  • Infuse premium at $12.99



Web-based, Subsonic is one of the most suitable among the Plex alternatives that behave like your personal and total media server.

The Subsonic can stream videos in addition to music, but its core strength remains audio files. It preserves MP3, OGG, AAC and different stream able audio and video formats.

Here, the premium subscription also gets you video streaming functionality, support for Chrome-cast and Sonos, a podcast player, an ad-free web player, and even your personalized server address.

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Key Features of Subsonic: 

  • Supports MP3, OGG, and AAC files
  • Compatible with DLNA/UPnP devices
  • Share your media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+


Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Chrome, Debian/Ubuntu, and Red Hat/Fedora.


  • Free with limited options
  • Premium: $1 per month or $12 for one year or $99 for a Lifetime subscription



The last option on this roster of programs like Plex is ‘Streama,’ Which got a quite viable UI and accompanied a Netflix-roused player.

The Streama allows you to navigate through your whole collection speedily and also arrange the files as per your choice.

The Plex alternative is Multi-User Capable software so that you Create accounts for anyone you like and grant them specific privileges.

The Episode Browser is also being present there, which can help you keep a tab on your episodes and access them conveniently.

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Key Features of Streama: 

  • Episode browser
  • Netflix-inspired player
  • Live Sync Watching
  • Multi-User support


Windows, Linux, and Android


Final words on the best plex alternative media servers:

Here, we have looked at a few marvelous software that is similar to Plex Media Server on home theaters. They all can be utilized in multiple platforms like smart TV, Chromecast, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, and even in some of the smartphones and gaming consoles.

This post describes exactly what identifies software that operates and plays back audio, video, and image files, and what Plex alternatives that are available in 2019.

So which Plex alternative do you think suits your needs the best? Do let us know your favorites Plex alternative among the software as we mentioned earlier.

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