Putlocker Alternative Websites (Best List)

Hi there, if you are looking for putlocker alternatives then this is just the post for you. checkout all good alternatives for putlocker and enjoy watching movies online. we do not endorse or recommend using these websites.

there are better ways to watch movies online in a legal way.

Best Putlocker alternative websites

After the closing of Putlocker, several Alternatives have grown up. Some of them are considered a clone site of it, and some are Proxy sites. All of them are not safe to use. Some are a threat to your privacy and safety. Some are traps. Here are some best Putlocker Alternatives which are comparatively safe to browse.

123Movies – Largest Library

123Movies has the most extensive library with different types of content. It has a well-decorated interface, and it’s easy to navigate. This site is well-known for movies, TV shows. They also have plenty of collections of animation and live-action shows.

123Movies shows content alphabetically, release year, and by the number of vies.123Movies shows some ads on its interface. You need not register to stream a movie on 123Movies.

Popcornflix – Works Well With Mobile

The great things about Popcornflix are that it has a giant collection of distinctive types of movies. They have a group from newly released to old classic movies of other languages. Popcornflix divided its interface with different types of movie genres. It’s a great source of finding a classic movie. But in Popcornflix, you don’t find any TV shows.

This site is my recommendation as a Putlocker Alternatives if you want to watch movies on your smart device because it offers a large screen while streaming a Movie.

MoviesJoy – Tons of US Content

MoviesJoy has a user-friendly interface and a huge collection of US content. You might not find other regional content on this site but find all the USA’s latest hit content in the USA. MovieJoy updates its content frequently with all the latest content. This site shows fewer ads than any other streaming site. You don’t have to sign in to watch movies on this site. This site is best for streaming movies on Mobile phones.

Do You Need a Vpn for Putlocker Alternative Websites?

According to the Motion Picture Association, Putlocker was a significant threat to piracy. For this reason, it has been blocked since 2016. After the shutting down of the most popular streaming site, many alternative sites have arisen. Those alternative sites are the real competitor of Putlocker. You need a VPN for Putlocker alternative websites to access because those alternative websites are blocked in many countries.

Before access in Putlocker Alternatives, consider three important things Usability, Safety, and Speed. Accessing with a Premium VPN can fill your needs. A VPN will boost your internet connection, give you safety, and, most importantly, ensure website usability.

VPN for Putlocker alternative websites

There now are a number of alternative sites available for Putlocker. All that needs to be accessed with a VPN. You need a VPN to add an extra layer to your security. The best putlocker alternatives are safe to use with a VPN.


ExpressVPN is the most nailed VPN with great features. It has unlimited bandwidth and the fastest connection. ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers from 160 locations. So the geo-restriction of Putlocker Alternatives Websites will not remain a complicated matter. The security system of ExpressVPN is satisfactory. They have DNS & IP leak protection and a world-class Encryption policy. Browsing with ExpressVPN in Putlocker alternatives is always safe.


NordVPN is famous for its fastest connection. Watching videos on Putlocker Alternative Websites with its fastest connection is a great experience. NordVPN offers 5467 servers from 59 countries. All their servers are P2P friendly. You can access any Putlocker Alternatives Sites by using any NordVPN server. The security policy of NordVPN is undoubtedly best. They have a no-log policy and onion over the VPN facility. In NordVPN, your IP will musk in two different ways. So being anonymous when accessed in Putlocker alternative is easy and simple.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has the highest number of servers for accessing Putlocker alternatives. They have almost 6600 servers from 88 different countries. All their servers are capable of breaking the geo-restriction of any site. They have unlimited Bandwidth with a 100% success rate. CyberGhost VPN can unblock other regional content. They have the fastest connection and support multi-devices. You can use CyberGhost VPN with 6 multiple devices under one subscription.

Why You Should Always Use a VPN for Putlocker alternative?

Putlocker Alternatives are almost the same website as Putlocker. They stream movies and TV shows. You need a VPN to use Putlocker alternative websites for your safety.

The reason why you should use a VPN for Putlocker Alternatives is discussed elaborately below.

Unblock Geo-restriction

The Putlocker Alternatives sites are mainly streaming sites. These sites are famous for sharing pirated content. Thus, streaming sites are blocked in many countries by the local government. If your country blocked Putlocker Alternatives, you can’t access them. Due to the geo-restriction, it’s illegal to access in a sense. But you can access those sites using a VPN, which is safe for you.

Ensure your Safety and Privacy

If you use a VPN while browsing Putlocker Alternatives, your activity will be hidden by the VPN provider. They will hide all your browsing history and help to give you an anonymous identity in the online world. Besides, using a VPN is also safe because no one can detect your virtual identity. You will be safe virtually and free from hackers.

Boost Up Your Connection

A VPN will boost up your internet connection. Enrich your internet speed. Some VPNs have an ultra-fast connection, in which you can watch Putlocker Alternatives without any buffering. A VPN makes a bridge between your local internet provider connection and your device. VPN makes sure your unidentified address and speeds up your browsing and streaming speed.

Save You From Malware

Using Putlocker Alternatives is a little bit risky. Because those sites contain Malware and other online viruses, those viruses are harmful to your device and your online security. VPN can save you on this issue. It will ensure your device’s safety as well as give you protection. VPN block all unnecessary things which is dangerous for your device.


Final Overview

Putlocker was the most accessible website for watching free movies online. Users of these websites got shocked after the closing of this site. After that, they look for real alternatives to Putlocker. As we said earlier, all those are not safe to access. That’s why we suggest VPN for Putlocker alternative websites.

To make your browsing safe, a VPN is undoubtedly the right choice. Putlocker’s best alternatives are to work smoothly with a Putlocker Best VPN, which we recommend.

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