How to Reset and Setup Rockspace wifi Extender ?

The trouble with wifi range extender? worry not in this post we will explain all about how to reset and troubleshoot range extender. if you are having trouble with rockspace wifi extender setup or performance then the easy option is to reset rockspace wifi extender. one can use extender console reset method know as soft reset or Reset using the physical reset key on range extender.

Note – all of these methods are universal and would work for almost any model or series of rock space range extenders.

Things You Need for Reset?

Reset Process is quite Easy when done Carefully it causes no harm to device hardware. this guide will also help you setup rockspace range extender after the reset using re.rockspace.local web portal. now coming back to reset, You would require few things to restore rockspace range extender back to default such as –

  • Power Source to Plug rockspace range extender
  • Tiny Object such as paperclip, toothpick or pen
  • Rubber Gloves for safety (Optional)
  • default ip address or web address (For soft Reset Only)
  • Ethernet Cable Know as internet Cable  (Optional ) required in case of Console Reset

Now Lets Begin with hard Reset Procedure.

Reset Rockspace Range Extender

  • Plug the rockspace range extender to power outlet and turn it on.

  • Locate the reset key at the rockspace extender.

  • User paperclip or tooth pic or pen to press and hold the reset key for next 10-15 seconds.

  • Once all lights on rockspace extender start flashing altogether let the reset key go and wait 10 seconds.

  • Restart the rockspace range extender and you have restore it to default settings.

there is one more way of doing the reset using the dashboard console but the method given below is the best method to go with. Now once you restart the extender after reset its easy to setup rockspace range extender.

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Setup Rockspace Wifi Extender

The wifi range extender is a plug-and-play device and it takes very little effort to set up the extender. make sure a few things before we move further to setup rockspace range extender-

Things You Need For Installation-

  • Modem and Router with active internet connection
  • default rockspace extender ip address or web portal address (re.rockspace.local)
  • power outlet to connect devices
  • Internet Cable (Optional)

Now Lets move ahead and follow the method.

  • Make sure the router is connected with the modem and working
  • connect rock space extender to a power outlet near to the main router.

  • Go to to the computer and refresh the available network list and locate rockspace_ext

  • Connect with extender and it should redirect you at re.rockspace.local web portal.
  • while connecting with rockspace_ext network name if it requires a password then look under the box for the configuration card containing the default password or look at the back of the extender and locate the lable.

  • once you are at re.rockspace.local portal follow the onscreen option to connect and setup the range extender as per your choice.
  • Join the main network, make a new password, choose country, register the product and adjust the security of the extender.
  • once the setup is completed please restart the extender and place it in the middle of the house to extend the network name.

At any point, if it fails you can reset the range extender and start the setup process all over again.

we do hope that all of this information would really help you. do let us know if you need any more help.




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