Top 3 Social Messaging App in 2020 (Tested Guide)

Hey, we all know in this digital era no one using text message is his primary messenger also hard to find the best social messaging app.

And many readers asked us which is the best messenger app is best for us. It is hard to decide on one app.

So here I cover the top and best 3 social messaging apps which you should consider in the digital era.

Here we add the pros and cons of the app but don’t give any ranking so make sure you choose the app of your convince.

We include 3 apps and 2 of them are available on android and ios devices but one is not available on the ios.

Now let’s start and find out which messaging app is best for you.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • GBWhatsApp

As I discussed there is not any fixed ranking of this number these are randomly organized.


One of the best and most popular messaging app all across the world. WhatsApp is available for android, ios, windows, and mac os.

With this app, you can send messages, images, voice recordings,s, and videos.

Even you can make free voice and video calls with this app your contact condition he also using this app. But to make a video calls from pc check out the facetime pc app.

Let’s see some pros and cons of this app


  • Available on almost every operating system.
  • Make video and voice call for free.
  • Create groups and discuss together.
  • Provide you end-to-end encryption for security.


  • Max 256 members can be in one group.
  • You can’t forward messages to more than 5 people at once.
  • 16 MB video limit and 100 MB documents limit.

So, these are some pros and cons of Whatsapp now let’s take look at another app.

The business version of this app is also available known as Whatsapp for business.

If you are a small business owner then you must use the Whatsapp business to handle your customers.


As I discussed this app is different from the first two apps and only available for the android user.

We can say GBWhatsapp is a mod version of the Whatsapp messaging app. This app has all same features as WhatsApp.

This is not the official app from Whatsapp. It is mod by the developer to provide more features.

We didn’t recommend using this app on your primary phone because it might risky for your phone.

Now let’s see some pros and cons of this app.


  • Read deleted messes from the sender.
  • Send private replies in groups.
  • Open Whatsapp videos in any of your external media players.
  • Send money to your friend payment options are available.
  • No forward tag display in forwarded messages.
  • Call anyone who is even not on your contact list.


  • Sometimes Whatsapp banned your account for it.
  • Not available in the play store and you have to download the GBWhatsapp apk from an external website.
  • This is not an official app so there is always data privacy and security issue.

So, this is all about the GBWhatsapp, and hope you find some useful information here.

Now let’s discuss our last messaging app which is different from another two.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger launched in 2011 and available for android and ios devices.

This app is directly connected with your Facebook account and with this you can chat with your friends and family members.

Voice and video calls are available for free so you can call anyone all across the world for free.

This app becomes more useful for business owners to contact their customers on Facebook.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this app


  • Fast and quick chat options are available.
  • Voice and Video call available for free.
  • No need contact number to start discussing just need to friends on Facebook.
  • Use only limited permission of your mobile.


  • Facebook is in controversy for user data safety and security.
  • Consume your batter too much.
  • Need a little more space to use this app.

These are the pros and cons of the Facebook messenger app. This app becomes more and more popular among small businesses.

Because you can integrate the messenger in your website and your customers can ask a question to you directly.


Here we discussed the top 3 best social messaging apps which is a trend nowadays. Also, cover the pros and cons of those apps.

Now it’s your choice which app you have to download and use. Select the app according to your requirement.

Any of you are facing any issue with these apps then let me know in the comment box.

I will help you to solve your problem so don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

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Thanks for all your support and for reading this article.

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