How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup?

Avast is one of the well-known antivirus software with its useful features. It also offers the browser i.e. Avast Secure Browser. But there are some reports received from the users saying that the Avast browser keeps on opening at the startup, because of which they get annoyed. So, any user doesn’t want to get annoyed by the automatically opening of the Avast Secure Browser.

So, decided to provide some helpful pieces of information to avoid this problem with easy steps. So, we are going to share the words about how to fix that.

Disable from Startup applications

  • Click on the Start button and search for Task Manager. You can even use shortcut keys by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.
  • On the task manager screen, tap on the “Startup” tab.
  • Find the Avast browser. Then right-click on it and select Disable option.

By doing that, It won’t start with the system anymore.

Uninstall Avast browser

  • Go to the Settings app from the window. You can even use the shortcuts to open
  • i.e. Windows Key + I.

  • Click on the Apps portion.
  • Then tap on the Avast browser and at the bottom tap on the Uninstall button.
  • Now simply follow the given instructions to complete the uninstallation process of the app.

read more on how to uninstall avast antivirus software.

Disallow Startup Option in the Avast Browser settings

The easiest way to stop the Avast browser opening on the startup is to disable the option through the Avast browser settings. To make it easy, we have provided the steps below.

  • First of all, open the Avast Secure Browser.
  • On the top right corner, tap on the three dots which will show multiple options.
  • Select the Settings option from there.
  • Move down and you will find the “On Startup” section over there.
  • In that section, disable the option of “Launch Avast Secure Browser automatically when your computer starts”.

Change Avast Antivirus Configuration

  • Click on the Start button, and search for the Control panel window.
  • From the list of settings, tap on the “Programs and Features”.
  • You can find it in the middle of the multiple lists.
  • All programs and features will appear on the list. Find for Avast Antivirus and tap on it.
  • After clicking on it, you will see the two options appearing on the top. Tap on the “Change” button next to the Uninstall button.

  • After the Avast Antivirus Configuration window gets open, you can see the Browser option, which you have to uncheck.
  • Later on, close all the windows, and restart your computer.
  • You can now not able to see the Avast browser launching on the startup.

So, these are the super ways to fix the issue of opening the Avast browser on the startup. From now, you will not get annoyed due to these problems. We hope you have got the solutions from this article.

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