Top 5 iOS Dating Apps for 2021

The first thing that pleased in all applications was the registration process, namely, the ability to create profiles through authorization via Facebook or other social networks. A couple of clicks and you are ready to dive into online dating. By the way, according to my friends on the social network, no one has received any notifications that a user is inviting you to join some dating service. This is pleasing, as many would have perceived such invitations ambiguously.

I must say right away that even before the start of the experiment, I decided that no matter what, I won’t spend a penny on additional options. I believe that I shouldn’t add apps that can’t work properly without additional payments.

The 5 iOS Dating Apps for singles in 2019:

1. Tinder

The search for a match on Tinder begins with the selection of the desired age range and radius of the search. Photos of girls are displayed on the screen in turn, and by swiping left or right, you decide whether you liked this or that person. Right swipe is yes, while the left swipe means no. If you fancy someone more than others, you can send her your like, and she will receive a notification. Note that in Tinder, the number of likes that can be displayed during the day is limited. To have more of them, you need to buy a premium subscription. Those likes don’t affect your dating experience much, so this is why this app is in our top.

2. Mamba

In this app, special filters can help you find a partner according to your requirements. Plus, here you can see many girls on screen at the same time. This is a very logical function that lacks on Tinder. If you liked some girl, you simply can go to her page and immediately write her a message. You can still send a gift or a fashionable sticker, but you will have to pay for this with coins. Coins, of course, are bought for real money.

In general, in this application, it is quite possible to communicate for free and not to buy additional options. Of course, it would be cool if they showed in a search only girls, who are excited by men in socks, but you can live without it. At the same time, the application seems very overloaded with functions, which is why it sometimes lags and generally works pretty slow.

3. Badoo

This is the most popular dating app in the world. Let’s begin with the pleasant things: here you can write to a girl, even if she has not expressed sympathy for you. It’s enough for her to visit your page once. Thus, even if she didn’t like you, at first sight, you still can fix this. Just turn on your charm and wit, and you won’t have to wait too long for the first date. The application has several search modes: in addition to the usual “left-right,” there is also a display of new users. However, you can write to them only if you purchase superpowers (for money, of course).

4. Mylove

This dating service is way less popular than the previous three, but It has a very simple and user-friendly design. Like other dating services, it provides you with the opportunity to search not only for a one-night stand but also for finding a serious partner. In this app, you will have full access to other people’s profiles. You can make comments, and search for people, according to their geolocation. If you want to date a foreign girl, you can select any foreign country in filters. By spending money, you can raise the popularity of your account.

5. Loveplanet

Among other apps, this dating application has the best filters. Here you can list all your requirements of what your future partner should be and tell the purpose of your registration. According to your settings, the app creates a list of users who suit your interests and are not far away from you. Another interesting feature of this application is that you can communicate with other people anonymously.


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