Best Methods For Treating Acne

Acne is a very common skin problem that many people face. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can fight this issue.

Acne is an incredibly common skin condition throughout the world and it affects an estimated 85% of the global population at one point in their lives or another. The common methods of treating this problem can often be expensive and also produce undesirable side effects such as dryness, redness, and irritation of the skin. This has led to the search for homemade cures for acne. There is no shortage of suggestions on the internet in this regard but the question that arises is that do these treatments actually work. Well, in this article we will take a look at some of the things you can do to treat acne and the best news is that these methods are completely backed by science. 

What causes acne?

Acne happens when the pores in the skin get blocked with oil and there is a formation of dead skin cells on the pores. All the pores are connected to a gland called the sebaceous gland. These glands produce an oily substance called sebum. When there is an accumulation of sebum, it can clog up pores and cause the growth of bacteria known as acne. The white blood cells in your body attack P. acnes which in turn leads to inflammation of the skin and acne. Some of the underlying factors for acne are much more serious than others but the most common reasons for acne are whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Other factors that are a reason for the growth of acne on the face or body include genetics, stress, diet, changes of a hormone, and infections.  

Let us take a look at some methods that will be useful to fight acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The process of making apple cider vinegar includes fermentation of apple cider, or the raw and unprocessed juice of pressed apples. Just like other types of vinegar, this is also known for its ability to fight and ward off different types of bacteria and viruses. This type of vinegar, the apple cider vinegar, contains an abundance of organic acids that have been proven effective to fight different types of bacteria and viruses.  It also has several types of organic acids that are known to be effective in killing P. acnes. To be more specific, succinic acid has been proven to be able to suppress the inflammation that is caused by P. acnes and this may be a very good way to stop scarring from happening because of acne. The lactic acid that is contained in apple cider vinegar has also been known to improve the appearance of the scars caused by acne. Even more than that, apple cider vinegar is able to dry up the excess oil that is the primary cause of acne in the first place. 

Zinc Supplements

Zinc is a very important and essential nutrient, which is very important for cell growth, production of hormones, the body’s metabolism ability, and immune function. It also happens to be one of the most well studied natural treatments for acne. Numerous studies have shown that people who suffer from acne have lower levels of zinc in their blood than those who have clear skin. 

There are numerous studies that show that taking zinc orally helps in the reduction of acne. In one such study, 48 people who suffered from acne were given oral zinc supplements three times a day. After a period of about 8 weeks, 38 of those patients had on average an 80-100% reduction in acne. 

While the best and optimal dosage of zinc for acne has not yet been clearly established, there are several studies that have shown a noticeable improvement in acne after using 30-45 mg of elemental zinc in a day. 

When we say elemental zinc, we are referring to the amount of zinc that is present in the compound. There are a number of ways to get zinc and each one of the methods has in it a different amount of elemental zinc. 

Light Therapy for Acne

Acne always forms in the pores of the skin, these are the tiny holes in your skin. Each of the pores contains a gland that produces oil. The oil is responsible for keeping the skin healthy. 

Sometimes what happens, however, is that the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells get trapped inside the pores of the skin and it clogs up the pores. Bacteria that are responsible for acne can also get inside these pores that are blocked. P. acnes is what makes the pores that are clogged swell up into the bumps that are known as acne. 

One way that you can fight this issue, is to kill the bacteria and also clear up pimples and acne with the help of light. Light therapy helps with common skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, as well as acne. The bacteria that are present in the skin are very sensitive to certain types of light. When these lights are shone on the skin, toxic substances form, and this in turn causes the bacteria to die. Light therapy also has the added benefit in that it shrinks the oil glands that are present on the skin. What this does is that it makes the skin make less of the pore-clogging oil. 

Acne is a thing that we can all really do without. If it gets too severe, it can seriously deform the look and feel of the face, which is the most common place to get acne. This can lead to a whole host of other issues. You will not like how you look with that much acne on your face and as a result, you may be less comfortable and confident in your own skin, something that is absolutely not desirable at all. So, use the methods listed above, and hopefully, you can have a much better time dealing with acne.

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